Prior to applying for our 38th annual Holiday Boutique, please review our Vendor Agreement. Our agreement covers need-to-know information about being a vendor. With thousands of shoppers each year, our boutique has become a staple in holiday events in the Redlands community. Our shoppers know they can find unique, handcrafted gifts for the entire family!

Important Dates:

Sept 5: Early bird applications close
Sept 6: $10 late fee begins
Sept 8: Accepted vendors notified (for those applying prior to Sept. 5)
Dec 2 -3: Holiday Boutique Weekend

Applications are currently closed!

Before you jump into the vendor application process, here’s what you need to know…

The Redlands Holiday Boutique is a curated market. We select vendors that we know our shoppers will adore so that our event can be a huge success each year. We base our decision off our demographics’ interest, pricing, and the photos you submit to us via the application.

If approved, you will be emailed an invoice for the cost of your booth and table by Sept. 8, 2017.

Please note: prior acceptance and participation in our boutique does NOT guarantee acceptance into this year’s show.

Handmade Market

We require that all of our vendors sell handcrafted items only and we reserve the right to remove items that are inappropriate or do not fit our holiday boutique. Our shoppers love handcrafted items, especially as gifts for friends and family. We want our boutique to be filled with fresh, unique products that cannot be found anywhere else!

We offer multiple price points for our vendors.

  • $60, Single Booth (6×10 total space)
  • $110, Double Booth (6×18 total space)
  • $135, Premium Spot (corner spot, no electricity)**

*Vendor applications will be accepted till September 5, 2017. After this date, a $10 late charge will be attached.

**Premium Spots: There are only 6 spots available. If you select this option, it is not guaranteed. We will do our best to accommodate all needs.

There is an additional fee of 20% of each vendor’s sales.  All net proceeds from this event go to the Redlands YMCA Legal Aid Clinic.

If you wish to share a vendor table, the vendor must pay a $25 shared table charge. You will be responsible to track your inventory and split earnings.  Only one check will be issued per booth.

At the YMCA Holiday Boutique, we want your display to shine as bright as your items.

With all of the hard work and love that you pour into your products, we want to make sure that your booth display sells your products and contributes to the fun environment of our event. Feel free to make your booth a one-of-a-kind experience for shoppers so they can enjoy their shopping experience from start to finish. For those that need electricity or want to request a certain booth configuration, please email and we will do our absolute best to accommodate you.

Set Up

As a vendor at our event, you will be responsible for setting up your own booth. You are more than welcome to bring in any props, displays, freestanding backdrops or other small touches to make your display a total masterpiece. However, we are unable to offer additional products, props or pieces for any of our vendors’ displays.  Absolutely no decor of any kind can be hung from the gym walls.


Receive complimentary social media shout outs & exposure as a vendor!

To help gain some serious buzz about our boutique, we’ll be giving you graphics and pictures you can post on your Instagram, Facebook, and website as well as print pieces you can give to friends, family, and fellow vendors! Once accepted in to the show, you’ll get your complementary marketing kit to help us spread the word about our event! The marketing kit will be filled with goodies—with the option of either digital pieces, print pieces, or both!—that you can use to promote your shop and the boutique as a whole.

We understand that protecting your creations is your number one priority.

We know just how important your designs and creations are to you and we work very hard to keep all items safe and sound! However, in the event that something goes missing, is broken, etc., we cannot be held responsible. Throughout the event, our staff will be monitoring as closely as possible but certain circumstances and accidents are out of our control.

It’s crucial that all vendor fees be paid within 3 days of being accepted into the show.

If we do not receive your payment within this allotted time, we will have no choice but to assume you are no longer interested in being a vendor. For additional questions about our cost and fees policies, please contact us at

What are vendor fees used for?

From advertising to boutique production costs, we use vendor fees to not only cover the costs of this event but to make sure that our boutique is set up for success.

Learn more about the required taxation forms to participate.

To take part in our show, we require that vendors complete a W-9 form and provide a business license number. For those without a business license, you can submit your Driver’s License #. The IRS requires that we submit information regarding both our show and our wonderful vendors so we must receive all required information from each vendor.  The W-9 form must be submitted at the time of booth fees are paid.