Join the ultimate accountability challenge!

Launching Sept. 11th, members across all three branches will be tracking their exercise hours as part of our 12 Weeks of Fitness Challenge! With five different fitness levels you can unlock, each participant gets to set their own goals and exercise preference. 12 Weeks of Fitness is all about keeping you motivated and moving as we charge into the holiday season!

Five Fitness Levels to Unlock!

Athlete: 36 Hours Elite: 96 Hours
Competitor: 48 Hours Ultra: 120+ Hours
Advanced: 60 Hours

Cost: $15 per person
Dates: Sept 11 – Dec 3
Registration Opens August 28th!

Stay Accountable with Our Time Trackers!

Pick up your time tracker each week to log your hours.
To keep you motivated, each 12 Weeks participants gets weekly time trackers. At the end of each week, turn them so we can update your hours! All cards must be turned in by Sunday, Dec. 3rd!

Count up to 3 hours each day!

Participants can log 3 hours of exercise each day.
Got your eyes set on reaching Ultra status? You can log up to 3 hours each day of your exercise at the Y! We want each participant to rest & recover properly during this 12 week challenge.

Show off your fitness level with a t-shirt! 

Once you hit 36 hours, you’ll score a t-shirt at our party!
The 12 weeks of Fitness shirts shows off your dedication! You’ll receive a shirt that matches the level you finish at, but first you’ll need to log 36 hours.

Log up to 3 hours of outside time each week! 

Track up to 3 hours of your time outside the Y facility.
Family walks, weekend hikes, a fun fitness DVD? All good to log on your time tracker! You can log up to 3 hours each week of time spent outside the YMCA.

Celebrate your success at our party!

Join us December 12th for our celebration party!
After 12 weeks of dedication, it’s time for a little party! During our party, participants will get their t-shirt reppin’ their completed level and the chance to win some cool prizes!