Jump Start Your Health

Jump Start is a free program designed for the new or returning exerciser. The program creates a one-on-one relationship between the member and a Wellness Coach to ensure social support, enhance self-confidence, and establish a motivating routine. A Wellness Coach will help you get started on a regular exercise routine, and be available to recommend exercise changes to keep you moving forward as a regular exerciser. Jump Start your health at the YMCA!


Jump Start to Success!

  • Set personal fitness goals.
  • Learn how to exercise safely.
  • Develop a wellness routine.
  • Take control of your health.

Get Started!

  • Contact the Membership Desk to schedule your appointment.
  • You will be matched with a YMCA Wellness Coach.
  • Jump Start is FREE to Full Facility Members.
  • Program is available at Highland Y and Redlands Y.