You don’t have to run away to join our circus. This summer, dive into the unique world of circus, complete with acrobats, jugglers, and uni-cyclists! Preview our course offering below1

Have you ever wanted to run away and join the circus? Well now you can! This is the place to be for children, ages 3 and up, to learn basic skills such as tumbling, unicycling, diabolo, aerial, and so much more. The summer Circus runs from June 5-July 20 (7 weeks). Registration begins May 15, 2017.

Click Here to Download Summer Circus Schedule

Act Age
Mini Acro 1 3-4
Mini Acro 2 4-5
Mini Acro 3 5-6
Beginning Unicycle 6+
Swinging Ladders 6+
Pyramid Acro 1 7+
Balloon Art 7+
Beginning/Intermediate Wire 7+
Intermediate Unicycle 8+
Beginning/Intermediate Teeterboard 8+
Pyramid Acro 2 8+
Intermediate Diabolo 8+
Advanced Handbalancing 8+
Multi-lane Cradle 8+
Multiple Trapeze 8+
Risley Duo 8+
Pyramid Acro 3 9+
Juggling 10+
Stilts and Rolling Globe 10+
Chinese Pole 10+
Low Casting 10+
Advance Unicycle 12+
Elite Teeterboard 12+
Clowning 12+
Diabolo 12+
Elite Handbalancing 12+
Flexibility and Hoops 12+
German Wheel 12+
Hanging Perch 12+
Single and Duo Trapeze 12+
Spanish Webs/Cord Elise 12+
Aerial Chair & Spiral 14+
Hammock 14+
Ribbon 14+

The Great Y Circus runs from September – April every years and auditions take place every August at Redlands Y. During the summer, the YMCA offers a summer Circus program that offers a variety of classes to become familiar with acts before auditions. Children are encouraged to attend the Circus performance in May to discover which acts they would like to learn.

The Great Y Circus was founded in 1929 by Director, Roy Coble, a former Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus Clown. The Y Circus has grown tremendously throughout the years and now has close to three hundred performers. Each year, performers practice from September through April to prepare for the annual shows held in May. During the month of May, the Circus hosts 9 performances at the Redlands Y.