Let’s move with YMCA Dance! Dance classes are a great way for youth to develop coordination and discipline while discovering movement through music. All participants will learn choreography and artistic expression through a variety of Dance classes offered at the YMCA of the East Valley.


Baby Ballet is an introductory dance class for girls and boys to develop a love of movement and rhythm through dance exploration. This class will introduce children to basic ballet skills while incorporating  dance studio etiquette and personal growth. Let your child shine with Baby Ballet!

Highland Y Ages 3-5 $30/$58
Saturday 11:35-12:20
Redlands Y Ages 3-4 $30/$58
Tuesday 3:30-4:15
Thursday 4:15-5:00
Saturday 11:10-11:55

Move to the beat while discovering a passion for music and movement at the YMCA! Classes offered include ballet, hip hop, jazz, and tap. Step by step, skills and techniques are developed through choreography, instruction, and practice. Learn routines, practice, and perform!


Highland Y $30/$58
Dance Acro Ages 8+ Friday 4:25-5:10
Ballet/Jazz (Level 1) Ages 6-10 Saturday 12:25-1:10
Ballet/Jazz (Level 2) Ages 10+ Friday 6:00-6:45
Hip Hop Ages 6+ Saturday 1:15-2:00
Redlands Y $30/$58
Ballet/Jazz Ages 6-10 Tuesday 4:15-5:00
Hip Hop/Jazz Ages 6+ Thursday 4:15-5:00
Ballet/Tap Ages 4.5-6 Saturday 12:00-12:45
Hip Hop/Jazz Ages 6+ Saturday 12:45-1:30

This class offers an introduction to Ballet Folklorico, a true cultural dance experience for all boys and girls. Youth will learn steps, choreography and experience a fun way to express themselves through dance, while learning about Hispanic heritage.

San Bernardino Y $30/$58
Monday Ages 6+ Monday 5:00-6:00