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YMCA of the East Valley
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  • Angelus Oaks in San Bernardino Mountains


Explore Camp Edwards

Nature's Haven: Embrace the Traditional Overnight Camp Experience in the Serene San Bernardino Mountains

Nestled amidst the majestic San Gorgonio Mountains, Camp Edwards beckons with an aura of thrilling escapades and boundless excitement. Young adventurers eagerly gather as the sun peeks through the towering pines, their hearts pounding with anticipation. With each exhilarating zip line ride and daring ascent up the rock climbing wall, friendships are forged, fears conquered, and memories etched forever. In this magical haven, the possibilities are as limitless as the dreams that ignite within each camper’s soul.

132 Years of Camp Edwards

10:1 Campers to Counselor

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Themes & Weeks

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Y’s Camp Edwards, where campers of all backgrounds discover their ideal experience. From first-timers to seasoned adventurers, our diverse sessions cater to everyone. Step back in time as each week unveils a different era, spanning the roaring 1920s to the vibrant 1980s. From flapper fashion and swing dancing to disco fever and neon splendor, relive the iconic moments and embrace the spirit of each decade. With unforgettable memories, lifelong friendships, and a time-traveling adventure like no other, Y’s Camp Edwards awaits your arrival.

Roarin' 20s (Camp eddie)

Step into the 1920s at our summer camp! Kids aged 6-10 will have a blast with music, fashion, and all the roaring twenties’ culture. Join the fun!

RoCKIN' 50s

Experience the 1950s at camp! Campers join in jitterbug dancing, rockabilly fashion crafts, and a talent show. Get ready for a blast from the past!


Get groovy at camp with a 1970s vibe! Campers embrace disco fever and showcase their talents in a funky 70s-style extravaganza. Let’s boogie down!

Registration Closed
Radical' 80s

Get ready to travel back to the totally rad 1980s at camp! Campers rock out to iconic music, design rad fashion, and showcase their talents in an epic 80s-style spectacle. It’s gonna be like, totally awesome!

JULY 10th - july 15th
totally 90s

Time to rewind to the nostalgic 1990s at camp! Campers groove to grunge beats, create cool DIY accessories, and shine in a rad talent show with a 90s twist. Get ready to embrace the era of flannel and cassette tapes!

july 17th - july 22nd
y2k (Circus CAmp)

Step into the 2000s at camp for a blast of pop culture! Campers jam to catchy tunes and learn circus culture in a spectacular throwback talent show. Get ready to embrace the era of boy bands and flip phones!

july 24th - july 29th

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