Camp Edwards Parent's Handbook

90+ Years of Tradition

Tucked up in the mountainside, Camp Edwards has been a second home to campers for over 90 years.

Registration Process

Our registration process is now available online! Registration takes 10-15 minutes to complete online in order to provide all the necessary information.

Financial Assistance

For those interested in receiving Financial Assistance, please mark your interest during the registration process. Financial Assistance reduces the costs to participate so that all kids can enjoy Camp Edwards.

Programs Offered

We offer programs for kids from 1st to 12 grade! Within our camp sessions, we provide activities like canoeing, rockclimbing, gaga ball, and more!

Important Information:

All campers get shuttled from our Highland YMCA branch and will be dropped off there as well. The Highland YMCA is located at 7793 Central Ave, Highland, CA 92346.

Drop off hours are from 7:30 a.m. to 9:00 a.m.

Pick up begins at 12:00 p.m.

You cannot just drop your camper off and then leave.  Please be present to sign your child in at the registration table, meet with the Camp Nurse to turn in any medications, and to assure each campers health status before going to camp.

Medication Information:

If your child has any medication to take while they are at camp you must give it to the nurse at registration. It must be in a pharmacy bottle with child’s name, medication dosage and directions on the label.  Over the counter medications must be in original bottles and must also be given to the nurse. This is for each child’s safety. No medications are allowed in cabins.

Check-In Procedure:

  • Arrive at the Highland YMCA at the predetermined time for your camp session. There may be a line so be prepared to wait a short time before your child is totally checked in.
  • Place labeled luggage in luggage pile.
  • Check in your camper at the check-in table. They will receive a name tag to wear.
  • Visit the Nurses Station – all campers and parent/guardians must check with the Camp Nurse. Head lice checks will be done on all campers before they join their cabin mates.
  • Say goodbye to your camper. They will join camps staff and other campers in the gymnasium for games and fun before the bus ride to camp!

Please note: If you are not going to be the adult who picks your camper up on pick up day, please let the staff member know so we have the information of the person picking your child up from camp. Campers are not released to anyone unless we have the person’s name from you. Phone calls to give us names are not acceptable.

Check-Out Procedure:

  • Arrive at the Highland YMCA at the predetermined pick-up time for your camp session. There is a charge for late pick-up, please be on time.
  • Visit the Check-Out table, show your picture identification and sign your child out. You will receive either a camp picture or ticket to take to camp staff to show you have properly signed your child out from camp.
  • Be sure to check with the Camp Nurse for any leftover medications.
  • Go with your child to pick up their luggage – be sure it is theirs and that you get it all!
  • Enjoy listening to your child’s stories and adventures from camp!

A counselor is a person at least 18 years old and a member of our Summer Camp Staff. They are interviewed by our Camp Director and invited to join staff for the summer season. Counselors are trained to work as youth leaders and they are assigned to cabins for the entire week each session. The counselor assumes responsibility for the safety, fun and memorable time the campers have at camp.  Each cabin has at least one Counselor assigned to them. All Camp Staff members are required to attend a week-long Staff Training Program prior to campers arriving.

Leaders in Training (LIT’s) are high school students who are ready to expand their knowledge and test their leadership skills while working with younger campers. They can either assist cabin counselors in uniting the cabin’s campers into close cabin units or work alongside Program Staff to facilitate camp activities. LITs inspire campers to grow and improve, and work to facilitate a memorable camp experience. LITs are traditionally former campers, though not required, and are role models for campers. In exchange for their service at camp, LIT’s pay a reduced fee and are provided opportunities to attend regular training sessions with Camp Staff to increase their knowledge and leadership abilities. Those interested in being a LIT must be 15 years of age and/or in high school and no older than 17.

If your child is interested in becoming a Leader in Training, please refer to the LIT application on the Camp Edwards website. Developing young leaders is one of our camp goals and we look forward working with all who are interested in leadership at Camp Edwards.

Please note: Applying to be a LIT does not automatically reserve a spot in the leadership program. The Camp Director interviews potential LITs and makes selections prior to the session your child wishes to attend.

Payment: The camp deposit and camp fees can be made online when registering for camp or in cash, by check or with a credit card at the front desk at any of our YMCA of the East Valley branches. Please be sure that you have completed your registration forms when you make your payment and that you have a receipt for your payment. The YMCA must receive full payment before your child leaves for Camp Edwards. No exceptions will be made. Any campers with a balance will not be allowed on the bus. Those applying for a Campership or Financial Assistance must still place a $50.00 non-refundable deposit of their own.

Refunds: A written explanation must be given to the Camp Director in order to receive a refund. If you cancel in writing (email is appropriate) with the Camp Director up to one week before your child is scheduled to attend camp, you will receive a full refund excluding the $50.00 deposit. We will not refund any portion of your camp fee if you do not contact us before one (1) week prior to your camp session.

Please remember that to participate, all campers must be a member of the YMCA.  Membership fees are in addition to the price listed for the week of camp and may be found at your local branch.  A member is defined as a child or parent who is a member of the YMCA.

Climbing Tower and High Ropes Course

This is a 35 ft. three sided climbing tower with a rock climbing surface, vertical play pen, cat-walk, crisscross, leap-of-faith and a zip line.  All activities are supervised by fully trained instructors. These activities build self-confidence for campers facing challenging activities.

Lakefront Canoeing

Under the supervision of certified lifeguards, campers experience the joy of canoeing on Jenks Lake.

Team Challenge Adventure Course (Low Ropes)

Cabin groups are led through a series of problem solving activities and individuals learn to work together as a group to achieve success.


Our N.A.A. Certified Archery instructor teaches each camper how to safely use a bow and arrow.  Attention to details and sequencing are emphasized.

Arts and Crafts

Campers make wonderful keepsakes to remind them of their camping experiences for years to come.

Nature Program

Nature hikes led by our Program Staff to provide opportunities for campers to learn about the largest trees and smallest flowers seen in our mountains.


Under the supervision of a certified Lifeguard, campers enjoy swimming and playing in the Camp Edwards pool.


Campers hike to scenic locations with trained staff on camp trails in the San Gorgonio Mountains.

Mountain Bikes

Under the direction of trained leaders, campers ages 11 and older have the opportunity to discover the trails of the San Gorgonio Wilderness atop a mountain bike. Bikes and helmets are provided for the campers.

Morning Inspiration

Each day begins with thanks and inspiration at our non-denominational outdoor chapel. Campers participate in chapel through stories and songs based on core values of honesty, caring, respect and responsibility.

Twilight Games

Each evening, before campfire, cabins of campers compete against each other in a variety of friendly competitions such as ultimate Frisbee, capture the flag, scavenger hunts and counselor hunts.


All campers and cabin leaders gather each night under the stars and around the campfire to end the day together with songs, skits and silliness. We observe the stars and nature around us while we fellowship and reflect on the day.

Campers eat family style with their cabins while at Camp Edwards. We are able to accommodate dietary needs with prior notice in the camper’s registration information.

The Rags and Leather Programs at Camp Edwards are outward symbols of inner personal challenges campers have the choice to take. Each camper, 9 years or older, has the opportunity to make changes in their life by setting personal goals. A tradition bound ceremony occurs for campers during their camper session for those who choose to participate in the program.

Sending your child mail will make their day!  Being away from home can be a challenge and receiving notes or pieces of home can lessen the degree of homesickness that some campers experience. Based on our several years of dealing with mail for a short week at camp, here is how to best send mail to your camper so it arrives while they are at camp and not after they leave.

On the Thursday or Friday before your child leaves for camp, mail your letter or package. Mailing an item on this day will allow enough time for the item to arrive before your child returns home. Please do not send packages that require signatures to be obtained from the camp staff. Send your mail (US Postal or UPS) to:
Campers name
Camp Edwards
(dates they will be at camp)
42842 Jenks Lake Road East
Angelus Oaks, CA 92305

Please make sure that your return address is clearly written in case it arrives late and we need to return the letter/package. So that your child can send mail to you, provide them with paper, pen, and a couple of stamped, pre-addressed envelopes.

Please note: There is no regular mail service from the Redlands, San Bernardino or Highland YMCA’s. Please do not leave packages at any of the branches.


We have set up an e-mail account for campers so they can receive notes while at camp. This email is for receiving only, not sending. E-mail will not be available for campers to return messages. The Camp Director will print out the e-mail for campers and hand them out before lunch or dinner each day.

You may send messages to: blindsey@ymcaeastvalley.org please put your child’s name and session title in the Subject line.

If your child has a friend coming to camp, it is possible that they can be assigned to be in the same cabin group with their friend.  On the Buddy request section of the application form, please have your child request their friend as a buddy. Their friend should also request your child as a buddy.  They must be the same sex and within one year of age of each other.  We will honor 1 (one) request per camper.  We will make every effort to assign your child to the best cabin for them. Typically siblings are not placed together. With this in mind, we will pre-assign campers based on their registration information. Turning in your registration form in early helps in receiving your buddy request.

Please note: Camper Buddy Requests must be made in the registration form.

We offer a variety of items campers may purchase during their stay at camp. Every camper receives a $5.00 credit to the camp store. If you would like your camper to have additional money you may add it during the registration process or during check-in.

Please note: Campers may not bring money with them to camp. Please do not send money in your child’s luggage. Any money your child does not use at camp will not be returned but will be donated to our campership fund to help other campers attend camp next summer.

Download Our Packing List

To help ease the stress of packing for camp, we’ve put together a Camp Edwards packing list that captures the necessities for your camper’s time up in Angelus Oaks. Although typically sunny, weather can vary in the mountains so we recommend that campers come prepared with some warm items in case of a colder night or gloomy day.

Please Note: If you have any special medication or needs, adjust our packing list to accommodate any changes.

CAMP EDWARDS Packing List (1)

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