As a non-profit organization, the YMCA of the East Valley serves the community through a variety of services and programs. It is vital and imperative to us that we are good stewards of the gifts we have been given, especially in regards to our facilities that thousands use each day.

At our Redlands branch, we understand the frustrations that limited parking causes, especially during peak hours and events. For decades, the Y has struggled with this issue and it has been our goal for many years to find a solution. We’re excited to share that we have recently begun the process to expand our parking lot at the Redlands YMCA.

Parking lot details:

  • We have purchased three houses on the corner of Myrtle Street
  • The parking lot expansion will add an additional 40+ parking spots
  • An independent historical consultant has evaluated the homes and found no historical significance for any of the homes purchased.
  • The Redlands Historic and Preservation Commission has agreed with the first two findings and the third is pending.
  • We were fortunate that the parking lot project has been made possible through generous donations
At the moment, we have no expected completion date for our parking lot project. However, we believe that this is in the best interest of both our members and our neighbors. Our goal is that this expansion will alleviate some of the traffic and street parking that we currently experience.

Current Status: We are waiting for the pending decision from Redlands Historic and Preservation Commission regarding the third and final home.

Please check back to see more updates on our parking lot expansion!