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Frank Sanchez
Frank 2

In Spring of 2015, Frank got the life-changing news that he had type 2 diabetes.

Although his diagnosis came at great shock, Frank wasted no time in forging a healthier path for himself and his family. Having been a YMCA member since 1999, Frank knew that he had the right tools to overcome his diagnosis and live a healthy lifestyle alongside his family.

The first step was changing his diet. With the help of his wife, Frank created a meal plan that swapped unhealthy meals with healthier alternatives. His plan didn’t just stop there: Frank intensified his workout routine and soon became a regular at the Highland YMCA.

Four months after being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, Frank returned to the doctor for a reassessment. With his new routine, Frank had not only lost over 20 pounds but his test results had shown that he was pre-diabetic. Motivated by this great progress, Frank launched another 4-month plan to decrease his pre-diabetes disposition.

“I told myself, if I can beat it, I can bury it. I felt empowered and I was on a mission to meet my goal.”

Now over a year after his original diagnosis, Frank is running 8 miles a day and has lost over 50 pounds. That Spring day in 2015 when he first learned about his diagnosis set Frank into action to reclaim his health and set a positive example of healthy living for not just his family but for Highland YMCA members.

“I found so much support and encouragement at the Y, from both the staff and the members. As I kept working towards my goals, I kept reminding myself that I am using this opportunity to set a positive example for others.”

Frank’s determination created incredible results, the most profound being that he had completely reversed his diabetic status.

After almost a year of training, Frank is no longer diabetic and works each day to ensure that the will continue beating diabetes for the rest of his life.

Support members like Frank

1 in 4 members receive Financial Assistance

The YMCA provides Financial Assistance so that we can eliminate the financial barriers that keep families and individuals from wellness resources and a community of support. When you donate to the YMCA of the East Valley, 100% of those donations go straight into our Financial Assistance program so we can serve more in our community.