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Jeremy Pugel is known around the Redlands YMCA as “Mr. Redlands” and there’s good reason.

Jeremy is one of the most connected individuals in our community, always seeking out ways that he can better support his hometown.

From volunteering at high school football games to cheering on his friends in the Y’s fitness center, there are few people that are as dedicated to connecting and serving their community as Jeremy.

In 2004, Jeremey came to the Y because he had heard three important things: we had a great basketball program, we had a fully-equipped fitness center and we had a lot of members passionate about their town.

At the Redlands YMCA, Jeremy felt at home. With his signature grin and charm, Jeremy became fast friends with every member he met at the Y. Those friendships that Jeremy has cherished for years were made possible by the Y’s Financial Assistance program. Without it, Jeremy wouldn’t have been able to connect to such a supportive second home.

“There are few individuals that contribute as much to our YMCA’s community as Jeremy does,” shared Perry Mecate, former Vice President of Operations at the YMCA of the East Valley.

“Jeremy doesn’t just change his life at the Y; he helps others to do the same.”

Not long after joining, Jeremy set his focus on achieving his long-term dream of competing in Southern California Special Olympics. He trained each day at the Y for his track event and worked with staff and members alike to make huge strides in his progress.

Not only did he want to win at the Special Olympics, he wanted to make his community proud. In 2014, Jeremy placed first in his track event. It was a victory celebrated across the Y.

Since reaching his own personal goals, Jeremy focuses on helping others reach theirs. He volunteers at HoopShots, a special needs basketball league held at the YMCA. He cheers on the HoopShots players as well as fellow Y members while they work towards reaching their own accomplishments.

“The YMCA is a good place for men like me,” said Jeremy. “You’re around good people, you get a lot of support, and you feel safe at the Y. It’s my second family.”

As a lifetime member recipient, Jeremy will always have the Y to call home.

Support Members like Jeremy

1 in 4 of our members receive Financial Assistance

The YMCA provides Financial Assistance so that we can eliminate the financial barriers that keep families and individuals from wellness resources and a community of support. When you donate to the YMCA of the East Valley, 100% of those donations go straight into our Financial Assistance program so we can serve more in our community.