Every member has a story

Serving Our Youth

The Y is for healthy kids so we eliminate the barriers that keep kids in our community from staying active or connecting with friends.

Cultivating a Sense of Belonging

The greatest gift the Y provides? Community. Many of our members needed a place to feel safe and encouraged while working towards their goals.

1 in 4 of those members wouldn’t have a story without Financial Assistance

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Offering social programs & resources for all

The Y offers a variety of programs to benefit the collective community, ranging from wellness workshops to our Legal Aid Clinic.

Creating Access to Wellness Programs

Access to healthy living programs shouldn’t be a privilege for some but a right for all. Through Financial Assistance, we eliminate financial barriers to healthy living.


Kellen needed the support and resources to focus on her and her family's wellbeing

“I had gained weight and was struggling with anxiety and stress in this new role. I didn’t feel like myself anymore.”


Ernesto needed a place to manage his Post Polio Syndrome symptoms

“If I don’t exercise at the Y, I have to endure horrible pain from my Post Polio Syndrome. Being a part of the Y helps me function on a daily basis.”


G beat diabetes with the changes he made at the YMCA

With a smile on his face, G shares: “The best medicine is exercising at the YMCA! When you are working out at the Y, you are working out with a group of friends.”

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Calvin's journey from homelessness to connected Y member

“The Y is a blessing,” shares Calvin. “When you’re homeless, finding a safe place to shower can be a luxury. The Y has given me and my mother a place to do that. We cannot say thank you enough for that.”


The Yanez family cultivated healthy habits with the help of the Y

“As parents, you always want to provide fun experiences for your kids. So when you find programs that are not only engaging your kids but teaching them strong values, it’s a dream come true,” shared Brittany.


Vanessa found quality childcare for her five children at the Preschool University

“Since being a part of the YMCA, I see such a difference in my kids. They’re advanced compared to other kids their age and they have great conversational skills,” shared Vanessa.


Darren got support for his journey with Multiple Sclerosis

“Being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis was the best thing that ever happened to me because it taught me how to live,” shared Darren.


Anastasia found new friends at the Y after moving across the globe

“When you move to a new continent with a new language, it feels overwhelmingly difficult. The Y made all the difference in adjusting to this new country.”


Heather found the environment & help she needed to live a healthy life

“I don’t think I would be where I am, both emotionally and physically, without the YMCA. There is no other place that could have helped me heal.”

CoS Pool 1-min

The Segovia family gained important swim skills to keep them safe

“Safety Around Water not only gave my grandchildren confidence in the water but it gave me peace of mind to know that they know how to enjoy the water safely.”


Mia's fun at the Y is made possible because of Financial Assistance

Mia’s family’s goal is to give her daughter the opportunity to take as many classes as possible so she can develop skills and make new friends.

Frank Sanchez

Frank overcame his diabetes diagnosis with his training at the Y

“I found so much support at the Y, from both staff and members. I kept reminding myself that I am using this opportunity to set a positive example for others.”


Meet Jeremy, better known around the YMCA as "Mr Redlands"

“The YMCA is a good place for men like me. You’re around good people, you get a lot of support and feel safe at the Y. It’s my second family.”


Ryen has Paralympic dreams and training at the Y made all the difference

“I walked into the Y’ knowing how to doggy paddle. The Y’s coach helped me build my skills so that I could not only compete but that I could be a competitor.”

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