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Got a question about personal training? We’re here to help!

We know that making the plunge to sign up for a personal training session can be intimidating! To help ease your fears, we’ve gathered the top questions prospective clients ask before jumping into their first session. Our personal trainers are certified professionals known for their ability to help their clients achieve their personal goals. If you have any other questions, please visit your primary branch for additional information!

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Most of us know we need to exercise more, but often people don’t know where to start, what to do, how much, how often.  The answers to these questions depend on each individual’s particular needs and goals.  Personal trainers assess their clients and tailor an exercise plan that addresses those needs and goals.  For experienced exercisers, personal trainers can assist clients in breaking through exercise plateaus or boredom by selecting exercises that will continue to challenge the body in new ways.

Find out what type of certification the personal trainer has, and if he or she has any training in a particular specialty, i.e. older exercisers, knee rehabilitation, sports conditioning.  Look for a trainer who has education and/or experience in training for your particular need and goal.  At the Y, you can talk with the Healthy Lifestyles Director who supervises the personal trainers, to see who would be the best fit for you.

Yes, if that particular trainer has time available during the desired workout time.

Fill out a Personal Training Request form at the front desk.  The Healthy Lifestyles Director will pass on the request to the personal trainer who will be the best fit for the client.  The personal trainer will call the client to schedule the first appointment.  Personal training fees must be paid prior to the first appointment.

The first session will probably be focused on physical assessment, and discussion on goals and nutrition.  The following sessions will focus on an exercise routine that facilitates progression to client goals.

Yes.  At the first session any pre-existing injuries should be discussed with the personal trainer so he or she can modify an exercise routine to best address that issue.  If the injury or condition is something that would jeopardize the safety of the client while exercising, a medical clearance may be requested from the client’s physician.