Massage Options for Members

The Y offers massage therapy for association members as a premium service

Redlands Family YMCA

The massage studio is located upstairs at the Redlands YMCA

Massage Rates

Our massage rates begin at $50.00 – gratuities are included in the price

Rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit!

Your massage session is specifically tailored for you using a combination of relaxation techniques including deep tissue, Swedish, sports massage, pre and post natal and medical massage.. Our Licensed Massage Therapists are available to book your next massage, sign up today!

Please note: massages must be paid for prior to the massage appointment.

Swedish Massage

A technique used to relax the clients muscles, as well to quiet the mind and resolve anxiety; that utilizes gliding strokes from soft to medium pressure, kneading, percussion-like tapping, bending, light pinching and stretching to increase the blood flow and circulation.

Deep Tissue

Similar in techniques to Swedish massage, the difference is in the amount of pressure applied to the body to reach deeper layers of tissue, and the repetitive gliding on a specific muscle in order to release muscle stiffness.

Hot Stone Massage

Similar to Swedish but with the difference that clients skin is touched by hot stones (stones are in a temperature range of 100 to 110 degrees) that add deep penetrating heat to relax muscles.

Medical Massage (Therapeutic Massage)

A modality that combines all massage methods and uses ingenuity, on the part of the therapist, to release muscle stiffness, realign muscles, improve posture and muscular function and provide the client with a level of pain relief that lasts long than other massage modalities. (Muscle soreness that lingers for a day or two is common, and usually dissipates with an Epson Salt Bath and by drinking 8-10 cups of water daily after the massage.)

Pregnancy Massage

Massage oriented with emphasis to alleviate the mother’s pain and discomfort caused by the bodily changes of pregnancy. A doctor massage release is mandatory. The same massage is also beneficial after pregnancy to assist in pain relief, as the body returns to normal.

Sports Massage

Massage modality that combines Swedish, Deep Tissue, and gentle stretches to condition the body before strenuous physical activity, or after to aid the body through the recovery faze of the post workout.

Trigger Point

Massage technique that finds and release trigger points (areas where the body muscle fibers bunch or get knotted) by using deep point specific pressure; in order to release referred pain (pain that is felt in other areas of the body) caused by an active trigger point.


Call Redlands Y front desk to schedule your appointment 909-798-9622

Please allow enough time to pay for your massage at the membership office before your appointment. Massage Therapists are not required to make up time if you are late. We require cancellation notice of 24 hours before your appointment or a $10.00 fee will be charged. If we do not receive cancellation notice, payment in full will be required.

Full-Facility Member Rates

45 minutes – $50.00          60 minutes – $65.00         90 minutes – $85.00