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Youth and Government

Building Up Tomorrow’s Leaders.

From discussing local issues to global politics, our Youth and Government programs provides a unique experience for our youth to have their voices heard. We get teens involved in the government process, diving deep into the issues facing individuals and communities across the globe. With a special focus on hands-on learning activities, both our Model United Nations and Model Legislature & Court program give teens the platform to make a difference. Our program is designed to build up our youth today into compassionate leaders of tomorrow.

Through our program, teens will walk away with skills in:

Public Speaking Research
Writing Study Skills
Critical Thinking Leadership Skills

To find the right program for your teen, please read below on the differences between our MUN and MLC programs. If you have any additional questions regarding the Y’s Youth and Government program or how to get involved, you can always reach out to the Redlands YMCA.

Model United Nations

Fostering Global Citizenship.

Middle school students from across California are invited to join a three-month, immersive experience to discuss international issues, discover other cultures, develop life-enhancing skills and make new friends.

Creating Global Leaders

These students will become “delegates” and will be assigned to one of four program areas, each focusing on improving the international community.

• Sixth graders will serve as members of the United Nations Security Council where they’ll be tasked with maintaining world peace.

• Seventh-grade delegates will be joining the Forum on Non-Governmental Organizations where they’ll be tasked with creating innovative nonprofits that will address some of the world’s most pressing problems.

• Eighth-grade delegates will participate in either the General Assembly of the Economic and Social Council where they will take on the role of an assigned country, create their own resolution, and debate with their peers.

Outside of their selected program area, delegates will also have the opportunity to apply for appointed leadership, connect with their peers during statewide social and cultural events, and join discussions featuring exciting guest speakers from around the globe!

Model United Nations
Program participants: 6th-8th grade
Commitment: weekly meetings, 2 weekend conferences

If you have any additional questions regarding the Model United Nations program or how to get involved, you can always reach out to redlands@ymcaeastvalley.org

Teens and Government

Preparing the Leaders of Tomorrow, Today.

YMCA’s Teens & Government program teaches the values of democracy by creating citizen leaders from a cross-section of the local high school population, providing them with the opportunity to experience government first hand and to learn how to solve community problems through the democratic process. The program also helps develop within these youth an attitude of self-help and self-confidence for their personal futures.

Essential Focus

• High-quality experiential and educational simulation based upon rules and regulations set by the city government
• Meet weekly using ZOOM to form a sense of community with other participating high schoolers
• Applicants will be participating in community volunteer work throughout the 5-month program

The program is designed for ages 13-18.

If you have any additional questions regarding the Y’s Teens and Government program or how to get involved, you can always reach out to redlands@ymcaeastvalley.org

From modeling legislators at the local, state and national level to advocating for change, Youth and Government™ allows students to expand their worldview and shape public policy. Tristin has risen in the ranks among his peers to become a respected leader who will continue enacting change well beyond his time with Youth and Government™. This is his Y. His camera. His story.

Learn and lead.

Our model UN provides the opportunity to learn, discuss, and debate current international issues, explore world cultures, develop leadership skills, and make lasting friends. Program includes travel to a conference in Los Angeles. For any teen looking to have their voice heard and make a difference in their community, join the Y’s MUN program!

Have your voice heard.

MLC creates a five month learn-by-doing experience teaching the values of democracy, culminating in a three day state wide assembly with other California teens. MLC provides high school students the opportunity to experience government first-hand while learning how to solve real community problems via democratic processes. Program includes travel to three conferences in November, January, and February. Join MLC today and discover y our leadership potential!