Reopening Monday, June 15th

As we welcome members back to the Y, we want to assure you that safety remains our top priority. We are committed to providing a clean and safe environment for our members, staff, and program participants. We will be adhering to all CDC guidelines, as well as state and local guidelines in order to protect everyone who walks into one of our facilities. The below guidelines will be used across all our YMCA of the East Valley facilities where applicable.

Keeping Our Y Safe, Healthy, and Protected

In efforts to keep our members and staff safe, healthy, and protected, we are following strict guidelines set by the CDC, State of California, and the County of San Bernardino.

The following operating guidelines are applicable at all locations of the YMCA of East Valley:

• All branches will resume operations at the same time.
• Facility hours will remain the same at this time.
• Activity, class, and program times will vary based on new schedules to accommodate for distancing and cleaning.
• Online program registration is highly encouraged (to reduce contact at membership desks).

The following services and programs are unavailable at this time. Availability will change as the County loosens restrictions:

• Dry sauna
• Spa
• Towel service- will be discontinued
• Coffee service
• Kids Club for children under 18 months
• TRX classes
• Members may not bring or prepare food inside the facilities
• Members may not bring large bags or carts to the Y. Please only bring a small bag (if needed for a change of clothes), water bottle, and towel
• Kitchen in Fire Place Room (Redlands)
• Board Games
• LiveStrong Program
• Porous equipment (difficult to disinfect, i.e. straps, mats, ropes, neck pads, etc.)
• Pilates Reformer
• Open basketball gym time
• Sports leagues
• Personal training
• Nationwide Membership and Guest Pass services

How Our Members Can Help Maintain Safety at the Y

The following are guidelines for our members to adhere to while visiting our facility:

Be Ready for Health Questions and Temperature Check: Members will be asked specific health questions and ensure your temperature is below 100.4° before entering the facility.

Must Check- in: Stanchions will be in place to ensure all members scan in the facility. Any member without a picture will be required to have their picture taken before entering the facility.

Bring Your Masks and Towels: Members are required to wear masks in common areas ( view all guidance here), and during travel between locations. However, not expected while members are working out or participating in fitness classes. Please bring your own towels; towel service at the Redlands Branch is discontinued.

Practice Social Distancing: Keep 6 feet apart by following decals on the floor and using designated exercise equipment.

Handwashing/Hand Sanitizing: We encourage everyone to wash their hands frequently with soap and water, for at least 20 seconds. As an alternative, hand sanitizers are located throughout the facility for your use.

Help Wipe Down Equipment: Members will be verbally instructed to wipe down equipment before and after use. Classes will end 10 mins earlier to allow members to help clean equipment and area.

Expect Reduced Capacity: Class sizes will be reduced to help provide social distancing. Every other cardio machine will be available for use. At some locations, cardio equipment may be spread into other rooms. Swim lessons will have a maximum of four participants.

Stay Home if Your Feeling Sick: We urge our members to stay home if they do not feel well. Especially if our members have any of the following symptoms: Fever over 100 degrees, difficulty breathing, and dry cough.

What the Y is Doing for the Safety of Our Staff and Members

The following are guidelines the Y will adhere to for the safety of our members:

Staff Health Assessments: All staff are required to complete a health assessment, which includes a survey and temperature check before starting their work shift.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for All Staff: Staff are required to wear face masks upon entry in the building and during their entire shift; except select staff members such as class instructors and lifeguards, during their shift. Gloves will be made available but not required.

Continuous Sanitization: Machines, exercise equipment, door handles, water fountains, drink bottle fillers, lifeguard stands and bleachers, railings, ladders etc. will be continuously sanitized.

Social Distancing Created: To help ensure social distancing between our members while using our facility, strength equipment are spaced out to ensure 6- feet separation between machines, every other cardio machines will be available for use and signage will be displayed throughout our facility to remind members of this requirement.

Keeping Kids at the Y Safe, Healthy, and Protected

Along with our Preschool University, we are thrilled to offer day camp this summer. We are committed to providing fun and adventure for your child while keeping them safe. We have learned over the last few months while providing Essential Personnel Childcare how to keep children safe in these unprecedented times. We will be following all CDC, ACA, YUSA, local health department and state guidelines, which means our programs will be a little different this summer to ensure the health and safety of all.


Health screening – A quick health questionnaire will be asked of parents and children’s temperatures will be taken before children are checked-in to programs.

Drop-off and pickup – the following procedures have been put into place 

• Parent/guardian are encouraged to wear face-covering when entering the building and must remain in at reception area while a child is brought to them
• Parents/guardians will wash hands or use hand sanitizer before and after signing in and out. Pens to be sanitized between uses 
• Check-in/out station wiped down after each child is dropped off or picked up 

Hygiene PracticesPractice frequent hand washing with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, and require handwashing upon arriving, when entering classrooms, before meals or snacks, after outside time, after using the restroom, and before activities.

Social Distancing – We have reduced group sizes to a 9:1 ratio. Keeping our groups together throughout the day and avoid combining groups where possible. This will help reduce potential exposure.

Outside play – We are increasing our outdoor playtime. Children and staff will always wash hands immediately after outdoor playtime.  Our playground equipment will be disinfected between groups. 

For more details regarding our reopening plan, view below. This plan is a fluid document and will be modified as needed to comply with the County of San Bernardino & the State of California requirements.