The Great Y Circus!

Have you ever wanted to run away and join the circus? Well now you can! This is the place to be for children, ages 3 and up, to learn basic skills such as tumbling, unicycling, diabolo, aerial, and so much more. A tradition of the Redlands Y since 1929, The Great Y Circus practices from September – April for the annual Circus held at the YMCA every May. View this year’s class schedule and find an act that is right for you!

Sign up for the Great Y Circus!

Registration for the 2016-2017 season opens on August 28, 2017.

Download 2017 – 2018 Class Schedule
Download 2017 – 2018 Prerequisite Guide
Download Parent & Participant Handbook



All registrations will open on August 28th at 5:00 am. View Class Schedule.

Participants must be full facility members of the YMCA to register for Circus classes.

Financial Assistance is available for those who qualify. Apply at membership desk.

Circus fees are required to be placed on a monthly EFT and will draft on the 10th or 25th of each month. (Payment for classes may also be paid in full for the year at registration.)

Age requirements must be met by the First Day of class, September 5, 2017

Skill evaluations are an important part of the registration process and are required for a few of our beginning classes and all of our intermediate and advanced Circus classes. Download the 2017-2018 Prerequisite Guide and Class Schedule to learn more.

Results of the evaluations will be emailed the evening of August 26, 2017. (Results will not be posted at the YMCA.)

Evaluations help the YMCA to ensure that all Circus participants are appropriately enrolled in classes based on safety, skill, experience and maturity. Circus Head Trainer’s will use skill evaluation forms based on the prerequisite guide.

Participants are encouraged to “try out” for as many classes as they qualify for during skill evaluations.

Participants may enroll in multiple classes (up to 5). Participants are not allowed to register for 2 classes during the same time on the same day.

Registration is on a first come, first serve basis. Once a class reaches maximum capacity, a waiting list will be created. If a class space opens, the space will be offered to the the first person on the waiting list.

Enrollment for all Circus classes will close on October 31, 2017

Questions may be directed to Emilie Gleisberg at

Skill evaluations are required prior to registration.
Tuesday, August 22nd beginning at 5:00pm in the Coble Gym

Intermediate Unicycle Intermediate Diabolo
Advanced Unicycle Advanced Diabolo
Juggling Intermediate Poi
Intermediate Hand-balancing Chinese Pole
Advanced/Elite Hand-balancing Tumbling
Pyramid Acro 3 Clowning
Intermediate Teeterboard
Advanced Teeterboard


Wednesday, August 23rd beginning at 5:00pm in the Coble Gym

Pyramid Acro 2

Intermediate Wire


Thursday, August 24th beginning at 5:00pm in the Coble Gym

Rings Low Casting
Beginning Hammock Duo Cradle
Anchors & Aerial Y’s Duo Cube
Intermediate/Advanced Hammock Single Trapeze
Swinging Ladders Hanging Perch
Multiple Ladders Advanced Lear
Aerial Chair Swinging Single Trapeze
Multilane Cradle Pyramid Acro 1
Spanish Webs Ribbon
Risley Duo


The following acts do NOT require evaluations prior to registering:

Beginning Teeterboard Circus Essentials
Beginning Unicycle Balloon Art
Beginning Wire Mini Acro
Balance Perch Stilts & Globe
Aerial Workout

The Great Y Circus is partially funded through donations and ticket sales. Please consider making a donation the YMCA to give every child the opportunity to participate in this life-changing program. For more information on giving options, please visit us here. 

The Great Y Circus was founded in 1929 by Director, Roy Coble, a former Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus Clown. The Y Circus has grown tremendously throughout the years and now has close to three hundred performers. Each year, performers practice from September through April to prepare for our annual shows held in May. During the month of May, we hold nine performances right here at the Redlands Family YMCA. Many people wish to run away and join the circus but don’t know how. Performers start in our circus by joining our Summer Circus session which starts every June and runs for 7 weeks. After that, performers know what interests them the most which helps during our registration in August. We also hold an annual Circus Camp at our Camp Edwards in Angeles Oaks in late July. Here participants are not only able to try out a variety of circus skills but also traditional camp activities such as rock climbing, hiking to the lake, archery, team building and so much more.