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YMCA of the East Valley
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Kids to Camp

Camp Edwards

Help send a Kid to Camp

From moments spent huddled around a campfire to taking a leap of faith on our ropes course, Camp Edwards is home to countless memories of campers that have spent time with us over the last 90 years. Enjoying the fun and excitement of camp is an experience the Y wants to make summer camp possible for all children that want to come.

That’s why we’re asking you to help make that possible. When you donate, you make cheerful summer memories. You make adventures at Jenks Lake and new friendships happen for kids that wouldn’t have the chance others.

Friends of Camp Edwards call it their second home.

We call them our family.​

Through various activities and teachings at Camp Edwards, children learn to appreciate the natural world, understand the importance of conservation, and develop skills that will shape their character. They may participate in outdoor adventures, environmental education programs, team-building activities, and more designed to foster community, personal growth, and ecological consciousness.

Your contribution to Camp Edwards enables them to continue offering these valuable experiences to children of all ages and backgrounds. By donating, you give children of all ages and backgrounds values and skills that will strengthen their characters. Give today for a better us.

Camp Edwards counselor teaching children to make a lanyard
Camper and YMCA camp counselors smiling at the camera
Our Goal

Empower Their Journey

Thirteen-year-old Samuel longed to attend summer camp, but financial constraints made it impossible for his single mother, Nathali, to afford it. Fortunately, generous donors enabled the Y to offer assistance, allowing Samuel to experience Camp Edwards.

Last year, 40% of campers received similar aid. Despite Nathali’s initial hesitation, Samuel thrived at camp, even as a shy individual. His laughter echoed as he recalled the time spent away from his mother, enjoying new friendships and engaging in exciting activities like archery and evening campfires. Samuel cherished the moments when shells cracked, revealing a safe haven where he could be carefree, and silly, and forge meaningful connections.

“My favorite moments are when the shells start cracking and these kids realize that they are in a safe space to have fun, be silly, and make connections with others,” shared Rafael, Camp Edward’s Director. “Thank you for supporting Camp Edwards, the kids that are able to go to camp thanks to your support, are by far some of the ones that need it the most.”